Who We Are

The LGBTQ Association of Middle Eastern Americans (Al GAMEA) is a minority owned and operated tax-exempt organization housed in a multi-use facility in the heart of downtown Ferndale at Northern border of the city of Detroit. Established in 2004, we provide direct services to meet the ever-changing demands of the LGBTQ community, focusing on health services and social groups for the Arab/Chaldean and Middle Eastern population in the greater Detroit metropolitan area. In 2008, Al GAMEA established the support and health program, which has become the first LGBTQ Middle Eastern organization in North American. Learn more about our mission >>


What We Do

We provide support, preventative health education and interventions, health counseling, social events, anti-homophobic campaigns, Emergency Shelter Assistance (ESA) Grants, and access to cultural support primarily to individuals in need of these services among the more than 400,000 Arab Americans living in the Greater Detroit area. Learn more about our programs >>

ESA Grant